«Homemade”, “Etxekoa”

 Txakoli Arritxola manages a total of 6 hectares of vineyards distributed in five plots. They are located between 175 and 400 metres above sea level in the municipalities of Abadiño, Izurtza and Durango. All of them form part of the Duranguesado Valley.





Our winery was founded in 1986, located in Durango, between the banks of the Ibaizabal River and the slopes of Mount Anboto. It has the protection of the Goddess Mari, who inspires our wines and liquors. Also worth mentioning is our proximity to the Urkiola Natural Park, a place where nature and the rural area offer their maximum splendour.

We produce Txakoli respecting the natural environment. We produce small tanks of 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 litres to make all our plots and grape varieties separately. We have all the necessary technology for the production of quality white wines. We consider the winery and technology as the tool to give meaning to our work in the vineyard.





We produce our wines in an intelligent combination of care and technology, together with our «ETXEKOA» («HOMEMADE») artisanal philosophy. The practice of a respectful oenology is the link between nature and a typical Biscayan txakoli that stands out for its homogeneity maintained through decades of work and dedication.


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